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Designing experiences for your viewers or site visitors involving realtime Twitter applications can be a tricky business. Broadcast events involving enormous volumes of activity and time-critical application performance have different needs than year long campaigns maintaining deep, broad relationships between brands and their viewers. Stamen offers a range of Eddy service packages so that a media company, agency, or web application provider can choose the level of support they need to ensure a great experience for their audiences, clients, or visitors.

If you are planning to use curated Twitter streams as part of an experience around a large-audience broadcast event, like an awards ceremony or sporting event, Eddy Extreme provides the total quick response coverage from our support team that you need to ensure a smooth, dynamically scaling supply of just the tweets you need in realtime, for hundreds of filters and millions of viewers.

If you are running an experience that extends over several weeks, like a sporting series or pilot daily broadcast, and your support needs are less time-critical, Eddy Intense provides considerable cost savings over Extreme while still offering the support you need to get you up and running and make sure that any problems are solved in short order.

If you are planning to use our tweet curation platform as part of a permanent or long-term configuration of an online or broadcast experience, Eddy On gives you access to our technology and hosted service while keeping the monthly costs at a minimum. For all deployments of the Eddy platform that are planned to be operational for longer than two months, this option offers significant savings.

Eddy Extreme
Eddy Intense
Eddy On






$7,500 per week

$2,500 per week

$800 per week